About us

About Bella & Jules Boutique  

Bella & Jules Boutique, in collaboration with 3 Little Stars Handmade, was created for every woman - for the different phases of life, different feels, moods and moments. We offer handpicked and handcrafted products from jewelry and clothing to accessories and gifts. Our products are based on style, comfort and transitional pieces, while supporting women owned, eco friendly and small businesses.  

Each piece and design chosen are influenced by the our surroundings from our home state of California to our current home in Denmark – combining the laid back but vibrant, chic California style to the minimalistic and high-quality fashion seen on the streets of Copenhagen.


About the founder

Leaving her career in corporate marketing behind in Silicon Valley, Julia embraced her passion of designing and creating her own jewelry line when she relocated to Copenhagen in 2012. At the end of 2021, Julia decided it was time live her dream of opening her very own boutique. With this Bella & Jules Jewelry expanded to Bella & Jules Boutique, partnering up with friends and fellow expats, Nicole from 3 Little Stars Handmade and Rachel from The Treetop to collaborate and form the collective, The Nieghborhood. 

When I moved to Denmark in 2012, I fell in love with the old architecture and the vibrant colours. Coming from San Francisco, California, where everything is bold and bright, I was surprised to see the array of muted colours that existed amongst the apparel and interior design. Since then, much has changed, but my first impressions have played a significant role in my approach toward my own jewelry design work and eye for style and handpicking products.

I am naturally influenced by the signature 
bright yet laid-back California style, and I am simultaneously intrigued by the simplistic, minimal Scandinavian approach.

Creating unique experiences and designs

It has become apparent to me that somewhere along the way I have been able to marry the two through my own creative expression with my jewelry design and products in Bella & Jules Boutique.

My beads are sourced globally. I use recycled glass beads from Ghana, which are unique, colourful and bold, along with bone beads from Nepal, which are simplistic and minimal. Merging the bright, vibrant and bold colours from California and Ghana with the simplistic Nepalese beads and Scandinavian designs has enabled me to fashion unique creations.

All of our products combined have a laid-back but vibrant and chic California style with Danish minimalistic and high-quality fashion. Each item is handpicked and we ensure that it comes from either a woman owned, eco friendly or small business.

In the end, design is about allowing us to express ourselves. Our goal is to bring different cultural designs together, creating a unique experience for women who wear our pieces, to express themselves through our products.

It is not about fitting in or following a specific colour or template, but about helping create that unique feeling that allows us to thrive with confidence.


3 Little Stars Handmade

Hailing from the sunny state of California, Nicole moved to Copenahgen with her Danish husband and three boys in 2015. Growing up in a diverse and creative family, many of Nicole’s childhood experiences and memories stem from her love for arts and crafts. 

Simply inspired by the joy of creating, she started 3 Little Stars Handmade in 2014. WIth the strong belief that everyone can be creative, Nicole has been hosting hands-on creative craft workshops for children and adults for the last 9 years. She makes a variety of unique handmade products and offers a line of craft kits using many upcycled materials. 

Nicole believes in the "power of community". She organizes craft fairs and markets to promote and support other creative makers, artisans and small businesses in Copenhagen. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge in all things creative, while building a crafting community and offering her handmade products with Bella & Jules Boutique.